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100 000 Climate Jobs in Portugal


It is possible!

The campaign “Empregos para o Clima” defends massive creation of public sector jobs in key areas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that the struggle for social justice and the fight against climate change are interconnected, thus our proposal addresses global warming, unemployment and labour precarity at the same time.

In the last months, we were involved in a study to define the framework of the campaign demands. Our preliminary estimates are ready: Decent and stable jobs in renewable energy, public transport, energy efficiency, agriculture and forestation can transform the country and put it on a sustainable path.

We estimate that 100 000 new jobs can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60-70% in 15 years.

In fact, our calculations say that we can (and should) guarantee jobs and re-qualification for all those who now work in the polluting sectors, and after that we would still have 100 thousand new jobs!

Our research and investigation, in collaboration with various activists and experts, is ongoing. Briefly, we will announce the detailed results in a new booklet.

At the moment, the campaign has the support of Climáximo, Coletivo Clima, CGTP-IN, GAIA and Precários Inflexíveis, and we invite all organizations and individuals to join this struggle for a better world.



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