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ATTAC European Summer University 2017: The Time Is Now!

Around a thousand activists gathered this week in Toulouse for the ATTAC’s European Summer University for Social Movements to participate in a total of hundred sessions (debates, seminars, fora, workshops…) and the Climate Jobs campaigns from across Europe were also there.


We had unionists and climate activists from the United Kingdom, Norway, France and Portugal, explaining their national campaigns. We discussed our objectives, the political and social contexts in which the campaigns were born, and the challenges each one had (and has, and has had).


We tried giving as much time to the public (more than a hundred people!) as the speakers. And the comments and questions were so amazing and inspiring that we learned as much as the audience did about just transition and movement building. We think the workshop really deserved to be called a workshop, rather than a mere presentation.


One of the main speakers was Ana, from Climáximo, who presented the Portuguese campaign. This is the first time we presented the campaign in English language, so we publish her slides here: Portugal Climate Jobs


We are also using this opportunity to discuss a European level climate jobs strategy and skill-sharing with the various campaigns. More news coming up soon.

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