One Million Jobs for Climate – France

UN MILLION D’EMPLOIS POUR LE CLIMAT The last born of the climate jobs campaign family is known, and its name is Un million d’emplois pour le climat (One million Jobs for climate). The French Un million d’emplois pour le climat was launched on the 12th January 2017 by a consortium made up of trade-unions, social organizations and environmental movements,…

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100 000 Climate Jobs in Portugal

It is possible! The campaign “Empregos para o Clima” defends massive creation of public sector jobs in key areas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that the struggle for social justice and the fight against climate change are interconnected, thus our proposal addresses global warming, unemployment and labour precarity at the same time. In the last months, we…

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PUBLIC RELEASE Two Weeks of Action: “Playing with out lives”

Jogos pela justiça social e climática

Two Weeks of Action: “Playing with out lives” 24 october – 6 november Workers’ organizations and environmentalist groups are converging to have a two weeks of common actions demanding social and environmentalist justice. As the responsibles for the economic crisis and the environmental crisis are the same, these social movements will unite under the umbrella of “Playing Games with…

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