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PUBLIC RELEASE Two Weeks of Action: “Playing with out lives”


Two Weeks of Action: “Playing with out lives”

24 october – 6 november

Workers’ organizations and environmentalist groups are converging to have a two weeks of common actions demanding social and environmentalist justice.

As the responsibles for the economic crisis and the environmental crisis are the same, these social movements will unite under the umbrella of “Playing Games with our Lives”. With this slogan, they aim at underlining that, everyday, the rulers of this socio-economic system are “playing” with the lives of the people, exploiting until the last drop both the workers and the nature, in order to maximize their profit, without paying attention to the impacts on the society and the planet. For a just transition from a precarious world into a sustainable one, it’s time to enter the game, and revert the table.

These weeks of decentralized actions will see organizations from all over Portugal bringing their own struggles to a common moment and cause, to amplify the voice of the others. The proposed areas of action include precarious working conditions, fossil fuel projects, climate change, public transport, sustainable practices, free trade agreements (such as TTIP and CETA) and the role of decent jobs in just transition.

Various groups in Lisbon, Évora, Loulé, Peniche, Porto and Tavira are already preparing events, while more will join soon.

The organizers invite everyone to plan their own games/actions/protests against labour precarity and planetary precarity, for decent jobs and a sustainable future.

The events will be listed in the website of the campaign “Empregos para o Clima”, http://empregos-clima.climaximo.pt , where a call-out for organizations was also published:


For more information and questions: contacto@empregos-clima.pt

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